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Eating for Athletic Performance

Despite the ever-changing array of fad diets that hits the market each year, a balanced eating plan focusing on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy (or calcium-rich foods) and whole grains is still the winner for decreasing disease risk and improving sports performance.  In their most recent position statement on nutrition and athletic performance, the American Dietetic Association recommended that athletes and non-athletes alike follow the 2005 Dietary Guidelines (1) to consume a diet with adequate carbohydrate, protein, fat and energy as well as vitamins and minerals (2).  In general, consuming adequate energy from a variety of foods will help athletes maintain optimal body weight and obtain all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for performing at their very best.  

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(1) Visit www.mypyramid.gov to determine your specific nutrient needs.

(2) J Am Diet Assoc. (2009). 109(3), 509-527.     


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